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When You're Gone

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The Poetic Warrior EP
A song about mortality
Esther Rose, Jakael Tristram, Sean Lane, Steve Rapp


When You’re Gone

The times we laughed, when we weren't there
The dreams we had, but did not share
All those times, on the phone
All those walks, we took alone
Its all these times, we'll never know
The times we wish, we were there to hold
All these emotions, caused despair
Know this baby, I always cared

I'll fluff your pillow, when you're gone
I'll keep your side warm, untill the dawn
I'll cook your breakfast, the way you want
I'll set your plate, the same old spot
I'll cut you flowers, when you're gone
I'll keep you close, in my heart
We'll be together, now we're apart
I'll love you more, now you're gone

The times we cried, but did not care
The times we hurt, that were not fair
All those times, that we fought
All those wars, that we lost
Its all these times, we can't rewind
These times to change, stuck in my mind
All those times, we can't let go
Know this baby, I fight no more

I'll be alone, when you're gone
Alone with you, in our thoughts
I'll still go places, that we knew
Blow you kisses, like back in school
I'll still go out, in the rain
Let it splash, upon our face
Now I see, now I know
Wish my baby, did not go.....